Ralcom Exhibitions is a Professional Congress Organising (PCO) company from Bucharest, Romania, and a leader on the local market. They organise many national and international congresses and conferences for associations in different fields.


When entrusted to organise a large international event in the medical field in 2013, Ralcom thought they could benefit from outside help to make sure the event would be a scientific and operational success.

This was a congress that was organised for the first time in Romania. It was very important for both the Romanian scientific community, the pharmaceutical industry and the local hosting medical association.


Connected Concepts drafted the content and coordinated the design of the congress’ sponsorship brochure.

Our work included a comparative analysis of the sponsorship strategies at similar conferences in the field. We also gave recommendations on financial aspects related to sponsorship.

The final sponsorship brochure managed to achieve a fresh take on the traditional fundraising document and presented a significant volume of written content in a clean and fresh design.

Practical advice

Our team has also provided practical advice on the programme management strategy for the medical congress.

We helped Ralcom set up a friendly and reliable abstract submission website and review process.

Since working with us, Ralcom have developed their own programme management software, based on our procedures.

Plenary session WPA 2013 Bucharest Congress
Sponsorship brochure WPA 2013
Conference session WPA 2013 

  • Client: Ralcom Exhibitions
  • Industry: Meeting
  • Services provided: Meeting design and
    event consultancy
    Business consultancy and development