EWEA is the world’s largest and most powerful wind energy network. Since our inception, EWEA have been a trusted client and partner. We’ve established a fantastic working relationship and have helped them run many successful events.


EWEA runs two main events every year—the Annual EWEA Conference and Exhibition and the more specialised EWEA OFFSHORE Conference and Exhibition.

Each event features a large exhibition and conference with over 450 exhibiting companies and close to 10,000 participants.

A better registration management system

We were asked to assess their registration management system and provide recommendations for alternative solutions.

In response we prepared a detailed Request for Proposal and assisted with the selection of their final supplier.

A helping hand

EWEA needed an experienced senior event manager for three months before their main event.

They needed someone who could take responsibility for several critical aspects of the event: catering, signage, sponsors liaison and overseeing the preparation and onsite management of the registration area.

Upon arrival at the event, our two managers assigned to the project were completely integrated into the client’s team.

Our extensive expertise in event management allowed us to get started and be efficient right away.

Registration area at EWEA 2013 Annual Event (photo: ©EWEA)
Signage being put up at EWEA 2013 (photo: ©Alain Chanavaz)
Exhibition hall at EWEA 2013 (photo: ©EWEA)

  • Client: European Association for Wind Energy (EWEA)
  • Industry: Renewable Energy
  • Services provided: Meeting design and
    event consultancy
    Interim conference management